Resident Evil Denuvo System 7 Burglarized By CPY

New release of the week, a very phenomenal game Resident Evil 7 burglarized by the CPY. CPY is a group of hackers that originated in Italy. No denying the system Denuvo Resident Evil 7 can be conquered by CPY games. Within 6 days of the CPY can compromise the phenomenal game.


A big surprise for all of us. How can Denuvo system can be compromised for 6 days? Whereas the system Denuvo is a system the strongest Anti-Pirate for this period.Denuvo systems usually can be compromised to exceed months.


Now crack Resident Evil 7 was widely on the internet. And yesterday the victimizedCPY is “Watch Dogs 2″. Shocking isn’t it?


The question, whether the Denuvo were no longer secure? Possible future party from the makers of these systems will strengthen the system, to make the artificial game publisher can Anti-pirate.

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